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We are in an age of redefinition - global and personal. Our world is changing dramatically, and certainly not always for the better. Many are reassessing their lives, taking a long hard look at how they spend their workday, questioning the security of their job, or wondering when they will feel happy in their chosen field. For many, it means starting over in a new business, and perhaps allowing themselves to believe they can make a living in a radically different way.

Enter Food Booth, The Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to the Food Concession Business, an engaging, accessible, yet substantive step-by-step guide to achieving financial independence with a mobile food service business. Drawing on 26+ years of personal experience building a successful food concession business from scratch, along with additional experience co-chairing a position on the Oregon Food Services Advisory Board, and as founder of Northwest Vendors Network Association, author Barb Fitzgerald provides a logical and detailed blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs to build and maintain a lucrative mobile food service business.

Why Do You Need This Book

  • I believe the title itself is strong enough to attract attention to your campaign and attract more customers to your business. Why? Five years ago the food concession business wasn’t on anyone’s mind. That’s now changed. Young, energetic, and imaginative entrepreneurs who are weary of prolonged joblessness are opening food stands, trucks, and concessions in record numbers. Daily, the media and cable TV shows, such as “Food Truck Nation” tell us the concession business is no longer considered the disrespected misfit of small businesses. And why not? Most people at some point dream the American dream of owning their own business. And, what is more American than hot dogs on the 4th of July? In many ways the mobile food service business is the perfect small business opportunity for Americans of all description and circumstance.
  • Food Booth is the only book of its kind. As a business opportunity, the scarcity of comprehensive start-up information is the main reason all but a few food booth start-ups fail.
  • Food Booth is not available in bookstores. Because of the exclusivity of its subject, the publisher, Carnival Press, has implemented a marketing strategy of restricting the book’s availability which maintains the book’s perceived high value.
  • Maintained throughout the book, the theme of Food Booth is about making money – good money – with a food booth. It is also about a lifestyle – one that includes joy in one’s work life, freedom, flexibility, empowerment, and pride of ownership. Almost anyone can place their self in this picture.
  • I assert that this book will move people to action.

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