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Greetings University Small Business Management Professors.
As a lifelong student of small business management I feel that Food Booth, The Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to the Food Concession Business, should be considered in the higher education arena as a university course text.

Food Booth as a Text
Food Booth is a thorough step-by-step “how-to” for breaking into the lucrative and surprisingly accessible business of mobile food concessions. The book is not a pie-in-the-sky fantasy of secondhand information written by someone not involved in the business. It is based on specific real-world experience in building a food concession business from scratch into one that can create a bona fide living. As you know, students want solid, relevant information they can use to put their skills to work. The book presents a business that is unconventional, and is also unique in that it is one of very few businesses that can be started without the large outlay of capital normally required in a business start-up.


In the Real World
In many students' minds there is a deep chiasm between non-entrepreneur status to actually becoming the manager of a going concern enterprise. However, starting a food concession business is a process most students can wrap their minds around. Unlike conventional enterprises starting a food booth business does not require the student to first navigate the minefields of beauracracy. By comparison the regulations and licensing that food concessionaires encounter are simple, allowing the student to focus his or her energies on the nuts-and bolts aspects of the start-up process. With Food Booth as a text, a student can easily visualize his or her self as a small business manager while learning the intricacies of entrepreneurship.

Filling a Need
Today, students are having an increasingly more difficult time financing their education and are burdened with the debt of the rising cost of their education. At the same time there appears to be a growing dilemma of a dearth of well-paying job opportunities for graduates. As a university course text, Food Booth will teach students the intricacies of starting a small business while offering them plausible insurance against possible underemployment. They will have a tool for paying down their education dept while they get their chosen career off the ground. This is important. It fulfills a responsibility many feel the institution has to provide graduates with a broad palette of employment avenues once they leave academia.

My Request:
I’d like you to consider the possibility of your institution adopting Food Booth as a main or supplemental text in your small business management program. I encourage you to explore this web site in more depth. Look in on the book link where you will find the premise, table of contents, and the author’s bio.

If you’re interested in receiving a complimentary desk copy, please write your request on University letterhead, and fax it to 503-628-2090. I’ll get a copy sent to you by priority mail. If you would like further information please feel free to contact me at 503-628-2090 or at carnival@foodbooth.net



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