Fair Food, Food Carts, and the Food Concession Business
Distributors & Associations  

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Distributors and Associations, how can the information in this book help you and your customers? Does your organization use premiums or incentives to increase business? Do you enjoy giving a gift to your best customers, sales people, or vendors? Do you offer awards, prizes or giveaways? Would this book be an asset to your library or resource room? Would the information in this book motivate or train your associates or staff?

Your organization might value this book as a marketing tool because:

  • Books are tasteful.
  • They have high-perceived value which reflects positively on your organization.
  • They have high genuine value and are not tossed away quickly, as other items frequently are.
  • A book can be personalized. You may want to place the name of your organization on the cover. Or, insert a page with your own message.
  • Additional books can be supplied quickly if needed.

The book will benefit your organization or attract more business because:

  • Your customers will know you care about their business.
  • Customer service means happier customers. Many of your customers’ questions and concerns may be addressed in this book.
  • There is no better endorsement than those made unsolicited. With your name inserted in the book it becomes a third party endorsement of your product.
  • For training. Your staff is better prepared to serve your customers if they understand this side of the food service business.
  • To overcome obstacles to concession startup financing. Your customers will more easily be approved for credit if they have the knowledge to develop a business plan to show creditors.
  • To develop your customers’ skills. The more successful your customers are the better customers they will be.
  • As a general reference book. With better understanding of the business, the better able you are to help your customers.

My Request:

I encourage you to explore this web site in more depth. Look in on the book link where you will find the premise, table of contents, and the author’s bio. If you’re interested in receiving a complimentary desk copy, please send your request on your business letterhead, and fax it to 503-628-2090. I’ll get a copy sent to you by priority mail. If you would like further information please feel free to contact me at 503-628-2090 or at carnival@foodbooth.net

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