Fair Food, Food Carts, and the Food Concession Business
Fund Raising
Non-profit organizations frequently set up food booths to sell food at local events to raise money to fund their objectives. In fact, many event organizers reserve food sales at their events for non-profit groups only; to the exclusion of privately owned for-profit booths. The benefits of operating a food booth to a non-profit organization goes beyond the money that is raised. The concentrated exposure also increases the public’s awareness and appreciation for the organization. This awareness may inspire more people to join and become active in the group. It’s also a chance for the organization to network on a large scale, perhaps opening the doors to other fund raising opportunities.

The staff of food booths operated by non-profit organizations must have the same variety of skills and level of expertise as do operators of for-profit booths in order to optimize sales.They must purchase, design, and build or acquire a booth and equipment. They must mastermind the logistics of transportation and food handling, and manage all the paperwork, such as; licensing and event scheduling. However, knowing how to generate and optimizing sales is frequently a skill non-profit booth operators are lacking.

A non-profit organization that runs a food booth has some important advantages over commercial booths. The staff is comprised of volunteers who donate their time and energy to operating the concession, which eliminates the expense of hiring help. Frequently the cost of booth space and licensing is much lower than for a commercial booth. Some organizations are able to arrange for some or all of their stock to be donated. These lower costs make it possible for the booth to lower their prices to encourage more business. And, many conscientious buyers prefer to support a benevolent food booth over a booth run for private gain.

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