Fair Food, Food Carts, and the Food Concession Business
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Food Booth, The Entrepreneur's Complete Guide to the Food Concession Business
Expanded 2nd Edition
Barb Fitzgerald

Current social issues frequently involve:

  • The inability of so many to find work in this very uncertain economy.
  • Families that have lost their income, health insurance and retirement benefits to outsourcing, downsizing, or corporate belt tightening.
  • Baby boomers who are worried about approaching retirement with an inadequate, or even shrinking nest egg.
  • The struggling middle class.
  • Retirees who are staying active longer, or need to remain employed longer than ever before.
  • The rising cost of a university education.
  • The desire of families to raise their young people with a strong work ethic, self confidence, independence and personal respect.
Times are indeed tough. But, what if someone's resume reads: ex-convict, minimally skilled, poorly educated, or aging baby boomer? For these people, a job might be unattainable. People concerned with these issues would welcome the news that there is a possible solution to their financial concerns.

What sets the book, Food Booth, The Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to the Food Concession Business, expanded 2nd edition apart from the countless “how-to” financial opportunity guides that flood the market?
  • Amazingly no other book has been written on the subject of starting a food concession business. This is huge! For most people, conducting due diligence on a concession start-up is very difficult. The only way to learn about the concession business is to actually run a concession business. The result is: without the availability of concise information most concession start-ups fail.
  • Building a successful business requires more than general concepts. Food Booth delivers in-depth information by chronicling every step that is required to, not only start a concession business, but to also reach its earning potential quickly.
  • No two concessions or concession operators are the same. What are wise choices in booth type and design, menu, and selection of venues for one vendor may not be right for another. Food Booth lists all the decisions a new concessionaire must make, describes all the options, and outlines the pros and cons of every option. Much of the expensive and time-consuming trial and error is avoided.

What sets the food concession business apart from other small business start-ups?

  • Few other business opportunities offer a real shot at financial independence without benefit of: a college education, a large outlay of startup capital, or previous business experience.
  • Very few enterprises offer comparable financial returns with only a limited investment of time and capital.
  • The business of selling food at special events is "recession-hardy". People always need to eat, and during difficult times, will find their entertainment locally.
  • Very few equally lucrative cash businesses are legitimate.
  • Very few businesses can produce comparatively as large earnings in an equally short period of time.
  • Very few businesses can be customized to meet one's desired level of involvement and earnings.
  • The food concession business requires only a minimal amount of licensing and bureaucratic oversight.
  • The food concession operator has control over nearly all aspects of his or her business.

People who normally would be unable to own their own business because of inadequate capital, an inability to make a full time commitment to the venture, fear of financial risk, or for lack of business experience now have the information they need to participate in the American dream of owning their own business. This statement is possibly more relevant to your audience now than ever before.


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