Fair Food, Food Carts, and the Food Concession Business


I was genuinely impressed with the thoroughness and usefulness of this book. I hope that every food vendor who comes to my event-just starting out or with years of experience-adopts the knowledge, skills and attitudes represented in this book. Scott B. Pineo, Director,Fair Manager, Skamania County Fair

My wife came up with a brilliant idea for a food vending business but we did not know where to go next. We bought this book and learned the ropes without having to climb them first. We have been accepted into every festival we've applied for thanks to Barb's advice. We just finished our second festival yesterday and it was a huge success (we were even asked by another festival organizer to vend at their festival!) After taking a buy out from Chrysler I was unable to find a new job, but now i don't have too... supporting our family should not be a problem. Nicole Breadon

We received the book and got even more excited about our future plans for a retirement business. We are so happy to see that SOMEONE has given us some insight into the concession business. Before your book was published we had NO ONE to talk to. Mike and Jane, Atlanta GA

I recommend that new vendors read this manual thoroughly before planning their concession business. This book will be one of two things. If after reading it, they determine that this business is not right for them, then this book is the most valuable time and cost saving purchase they have ever made. But, if they start a food booth business, then the information in this book is worth many times what they paid for it. Either way, no regrets. Thanks so much. Cindy, Waco TX

This is a great book! It is filled with everything you'd ever need to know about a Food Concession Business. The read is so simple and easy to understand. You wont go wrong with the purchase of this book if you have any plans of starting your own food concession business. BUY THE BOOK....YOU WONT REGRET IT! I even passed it on to a family memeber to read.....(to borrow only) and she too is considering a food concession. This book saves you so much time and research that you'd have to do on your own. It's worth every penny! C Adkins

This manual is an essential resource for anyone who is serious about investigating the opportunities of having a successful career in the concession business. It will help them avoid unnecessary problems and mistakes, and optimize their chance to achieve a successful concession career and lifestyle. Dan Neagle, General Manager Coney Express

I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed reading your book - Food Booth - I have been looking for something like this for a long time and you have the information that I have been searching for. Thank you! Emily, Salem OR

I received your book in the mail this afternoon. I feel you have accomplished a great service to us potential newbies. Thank-you.

Thank you for your book "Food Booth"! We are in the planning and purchasing stage and your book has already saved me more time and money than I can count. Otis, Memphis TN

Thanks for publishing the book. I think I've already saved a few thousand dollars just by reading it. Seriously! George, San Fran CA


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