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The Truth is... Owning one’s own business is the American dream. However, for a variety of reasons not everyone can do it. Inadequate capital, an inability to make a full time commitment to the venture, or fear of financial risk are just some of the reasons many people never reach for the brass ring of self-employment. However, many of these same individuals such as retirees, students and seasonal employees, have found their niche selling food at special events. The unique possibility of making a relatively large amount of money in a short period of time, a moderate investment of time and capital, and the ambiguity of a cash business with minimal licensing requirements, are some of the unique benefits that make the concession business accessible and attractive to people who otherwise would not consider self employment.

The food concession business is unique in other ways as well. Compared with nearly any other business with the same potential earnings a food concession business can be started with relatively little start-up capital. Better still, substantial full-time income can be generated with part-time effort. With a food concession you have the freedom and independence to build the business and income as large as you wish without needing to settle for what your time is worth at a regular job. Further, you never need to worry about receiving the dreaded pink slip. And, if you do happen to pursue another occupation, the concession is always there to fall back on if needed.

The Good News is... Many people have dreamed about creating their own income. Now, even folks with modest business experience can earn cash selling food at local festivals, fairs and events.

What's in the food concession business for you?

The short answer is: time, money, and freedom.

  • The deep satisfaction you get from owning your own business.
  • The concession business is a cash business.
  • An ability to be more financially flexible than you otherwise can be with the same amount of money, earned over a longer period of time.
  • It empowers the concession operator with absolute control over nearly all aspects of his or her business.
  • Job security. You never need to worry that your job will be downsized or moved offshore.
  • You can keep your business as small as you need, or grow it as large as you want.
  • High profit potential with a relatively small investment.
  • Your time investment is half of that in a regular job.
  • An ability to customize your operation to the level of earnings and involvement that is right for you.
  • The tax benefits of being self-employed.

If you're a non-profit looking for a fund raising opportunity, a family wanting to work together to acquire the special things that are hard to save for, someone who needs a back-up plan in case of job loss, are under-educated, over-aged, or are hard to employ, a student earning your way through college, a retiree needing to pad your retirement account, someone who needs the tax advantages of being self-employed, or, a free spirit wanting all the personal rewards of being responsible for your own income, the concession business is an equal opportunity, opportunity.

The Food Concession Business is also fun! What can be better than making money while spending time in the relaxed and fun atmosphere of a fair or festival?

Studies show the most common reasons given for becoming self-employed are to be one's own boss and for more personal freedom. With a food concession business, the satisfaction of these two important desires are just the tip of the snow cone.







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