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Carnival Press is an independent publishing company that specializes in educational resources for food concession and food stand start-ups. It was started in 2004 with the publication of my first title, Food Booth, How to Get Started and Be Successful in the Food Concession Business. That edition was produced by me to test the marketability of the book,and the adaptability of me to my new role as publisher. The book did well (I'm still learning), and two revised editions soon followed. At that point, feeling ready for the big top, the 2011 expanded and revised edition of Food Booth, The Entrepreneur's Complete Guide to the Food Concession Business, was produced. It is much improved over the previous editions. I continue to strive to compile the most up-to-date and complete information available in preparation for the next edition. Your suggestions are always welcome.

Food Booth does something important. Twenty-six years ago when I started my concession business there were no books or other helpful resources about starting a concession business. Conducting due diligence was extremely difficult and, as a result, very few new concessionaires had enough useful knowledge of the business before they got started. The process of learning-by-doing took several years and prevented most new vendors from experiencing enough success to keep them in business long enough to establish their business.

This lack of educational resources is still the situation today. As someone who values the independence and sense of well being one gets from owning one’s own business I understand and fully relate with the many, many folks who, by starting a concession business, have a real shot at improving their financial situation. Unfortunately, many fail for lack of solid information. I also sympathize with those who need to invest a good chunk of money just to learn if running a food booth is a good fit for them. Further, when the new business fails, the novice vendor may mistakenly conclude the business won't work.

Over time I hope to offer additional high quality educational products, relevant resources and networking opportunities to help new concessionaires quickly achieve the level of profit and reward they seek in their start-up concession business. I welcome any suggestions you may have for products and resources that you believe would benefit new vendors.


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